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Chemical intermediates


Products name Detailed
HTC-1 Diallyl dimethyl ammonium chloride (DADMAC) Detailed
HTC-2 Diallylamine Detailed

Textile & Leather Chemical


Products name Detailed

Formaldehyde-free Fixative Detailed
HTF-13 Reservehao S Detailed
HTF-14 Diffusant NNO Detailed
HTF-15 Quick penetrant T Detailed
HTF-16 Defoaming agent HT (King) Detailed
HTF-17 Levelling agent (flaky peregal O) Detailed
HTF-18 Non-ionic antistatic agent Detailed
HTF-19 Cotton levelling agent HT Detailed
HTF-20 Weighting agent HT-318 Detailed
HTF-21 Scouring enzyme HT Detailed
HTF-22 Alternative alkali HT Detailed
HTF-23 Non-foaming soaping agent Detailed
HTF-24 Dispersant MF Detailed
HTF-25 efficient water and soap washing powder Detailed

Other Chemical Detailed

Water Treatment Chemical


Products name Detailed
HTS-1 cationic high molecule Flocculant Detailed
HTS-2 High Efficient decoloring agent of Dyeing and printing wastewater Detailed
HTS-3 Polyamine Detailed
HTS-4 PolyDADMAC Detailed

Cosmetic Chemical


Products name Detailed
HTH-1 Polyquaternium-6 (PQ-6) Detailed
HTH-2 Polyquaternium-7 (PQ-7) Detailed
HTH-3 Polyquaternium -10(PQ-10) Detailed
HTH-4 Polyquaternium -11(PQ-11) Detailed
HTH-5 Polyquaternium -22(PQ-22) Detailed
HTH-6 Polyquaternium -39(PQ-39) Detailed
HTH-7 Hydroxysulfobetaine (SHB) Detailed
HTH-8 Lauroamide propyl betaine (CAB) Detailed
HTH-9 Dodecyl dimethyl betaine (BS-12) Detailed
HTH-10 Bactericidal antiseptic (Kaisong) Detailed
HTH-11 Pearlescent flake Detailed

Pesticide Chemical


Products name Detailed
HTN-1 Diffusant NNO Detailed
HTN-2 Quick penetrant T Detailed
HTN-3 Nekal BX Detailed
HTN-5 Sodium dodecyl sulfate (K12) Detailed
HTN-4 Abstergent LS Detailed

Papermaking Chemical


Products name Detailed
HTZ-1 paper Fixative Detailed
HTZ-2 Anionic trash catcher Detailed
HTZ-3 papermaking cationic Conductive agent Detailed
HTZ-4 papermaking retention filter aid Detailed
HTZ-5 papermaking AKD Curing accelerator Detailed
HTZ-6 papermaking Zwitterionic dry strength agent Detailed

Oilfield Chemical


Products name Detailed
HTY-1 cationic Clay Stabilizer Detailed
HTY-2 cationic modifier of drilling liquid Detailed
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